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Car Rental Procedure at the Airport


We are asking Israelites who are able to rent cars if they can rent a large vehicle, only if they can. This request is on the behalf of other Hebrews who may not be able to rent a car. Also, we will be traveling to other sites and we wouldn’t want to exclude others from having the best experiences. We are our brothers’ keepers.


Below is Eldan link one of the cheapest Car rental agencies in Israel. You can rent a car in Tel Aviv or Beersheba. It is located on the second floor in the airport.

​The car rental companies’ counters are on the first floor of the East Gallery in the Greeters’ Hall and are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The pick-up and return of the vehicle is at the rental companies’ 500-space parking lot on the ground floor of the East Building opposite Terminal 3.


Rental Car Pick-Up:

Arriving passengers should go to the rental company’s counter and after making the necessary arrangements should proceed to the parking lot via the connecting corridor between the terminal and the parking lot. They should then take the elevator or stairs down to Level G and follow the signs to the rental company’s lot.


Rental Car Return:

Rental cars should be returned to the parking lot opposite Terminal 2 (internal flights terminal). The rental companies provide transportation to Terminal 3. Cars can be refilled on the spot when they are returned.


Limousine Services

Several companies provide special transportation services from Ben Gurion Airport to various places throughout Israel. Passengers who have reserved this service should present their vouchers at the companies’ counters, located on the first floor of the East Gallery in the Greeters’ Hall.


Companies providing this limousine service:

Tal Limousine: Service to and from Ben Gurion Airport, 24 hours a day, by prior telephone arrangement.

Telephone: +972-3-975-4044


Tour Bus:

Service to and from Ben Gurion Airport, 24 hours a day, by prior telephone arrangement.

Telephone: +972-3-975-4200


Service to the Dead Sea.

Telephone: +972-3-975-4033

Using Public Transportation to Arad

For others who cannot afford to rent a car, you will take the train from Ben Gurion Airport  in Tel Aviv headed to Beersheba (cost is 23 shekels).(The train station is right outside of the departure entrance) The train station is located on Level S (the lowest floor) at the Airport you can travel to Beersheba to Arad from there. Tickets may be purchased from automatic machines located on Level G. When you arrive in Beersheba you will take bus 388 which is a bus from Beersheba to Arad it is a 40 minute ride. The total travel time can be up to 2 to 3 hours from the airport to Arad. The cost from the airport to Arad using public transportation is less than (30 around 20 USD).  Please, tell the driver to stop at Tel Arad that will be to the left (which is 10 minutes before Arad).

Renting Apartments is perfect for renting Apartments and Hotels in Arad, the earlier the cheaper are the rentals.



Hotels in Arad



Inbar Hotel, Arad Israel

Zman Midbar Eco Spirit Lodge, P.O. Box 5131, Arad, 8915002, Israel 

Magical Garden Mor 7, Arad, 89100, Israel

Dead Sea Club Guest House Bareket 36, Arad, 89067, Israel

 Reserving a Tent


Please Read: reserving tents 20.00USD per day if you desire to stay in Zion, it is around 15 usd if you bring your own tent. Also, there are dorms like rooms that are available for 150.00 USD per day that sleeps up to 6 people in the Zion as well.

For Reserving Tents or Rooms in Tel Arad- register at and contact Mrs. Savit from 9am to 5pm Israel time

Mrs. Savit office number is: +972 08 6280404,

*Note- once called immediately press 1 until it rings

People that can not afford to stay in Zion can stay at Arad National Park for Free! It’s located right after Tel Arad National Park which is the real Zion. (About 3 miles or a 45 minute walk) Tell cab driver or bus driver and they will bring you directly to the Park. There is running water but no bathrooms or kitchens. We make campfires and cook off them, grills and camping propane cookers. We make designated places to use the restrooms and to take outdoor showers. You can find cheap camping supplies that include cheap outdoor tent showers and portable toliets at or apps you can download from your phone. If you have any questions about Zion then please contact us at or another brother connected to Zion if we are not available but will usually get back to you within 48 to 72 hours if not sooner!

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