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This was a statement made by the late president of Egypt Gamal Abdel Nasser in 1952, regarding the impostor Jews that are currently occupying the holy land. The indigenous people of the middle east are all aware that these people are Europeans by descent and have no historical claim to the land of Palestine (Israel). They are all also fully aware that the true children of Israel were taken in slavery and scattered amongst all nations across the globe.


Do not be ignorant to the plans of the elite powers agenda, to exterminate all so called blacks, Hispanics and native Americans off the face of the planet. The King Alfred Plan (also known as Rex 84) is a document detailing plans that have been set in place to detain and to murder so called blacks, Hispanics and native Americans during any civil unrest (martial law). Please read the PDF document below for more information.


Here is the Zondervan Compact Bible Dictionary (Pg. 213) definition of Ham. It says that he is the progenitor of the dark races, and lists Egyptians, Ethiopians, Libyans and Canaanites as those dark races. However it singles out the Negroes, meaning we are not Africans and we are different from them. 


This is the Balfour Declaration which is when Arthur James Balfour wrote to the Zionists to approve the conveyence of a land that was not theirs to them.


Albert Pike a 33rd Degree Freemason sent a letter to Mazzini dated August 15th 1871 and it outlines and predicts what is happen in the first two world wars. And these events actually take place, but he also talks about a third world war, and we can see that a war is beginning between the Zionists and the Islamic World now - so the third world war is about to begin. He was a devil and worshipped the devil !

project megiddo

Please have a read of the Project Meggido and click the link below. It outlines who the FBI see as a threat to the safety of society. They list the 'Black' Hebrew Israelites as a threat, so be careful family because they are out for war, and they want to take us down.

protocols of the learned elders of zion

Here is the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion a book that outlines the zionist plan, to take over the world and, to succeed at world domination. Wake up Israel because these imposters are more ruthless than you know.


The Georgia Guidestones erected in 1980 have 10 rules written on them in 8 different languages.

EnglishSpanishSwahiliHindiHebrewArabicChinese, and Russian.

The 1st rule is the one that really shows the nature of the current rulers of this world, which is to keep the global population below 500,000,000. Conisdereing we are now at 7 billion it is no wonder that there are so many people in poverty and being struck with man made illnesses, because it is all part of their plan to keep the population down, for their new world order.

Another interesting fact is that the guidestones were anonymously comissioned, so if they were the right thing to do, why would you hide the fact that you wanted the stones erected.


Adolf Hitler, knew who the real Jews were and if you read " The Nazis World War II" published by Time Life Books, you will find information that will lead you to understand that the Jews in the land are not the true Jews but are liars. The true Israelites are scattered abroad the four corners of the earth.


If you read this quote from Richard  Coudenhove-Kalergi written in 1925, you will see that the Jew-ish people have a plan to turn the world into a controllable population by turning them mixed race. Their real motive is to try to wipe out the true Israelites by mixing them with other nations. 


The Head Right Grant was system that was set up to entice the British to go over to America and colonize it. They would give a migrant 50 acres and the tools to cultivate the land, and all they had to do was to make the journey themselves to America. If a family went over or they brought slaves with them then for every person they took over 15 they would be given 50 more acres of land. So they built their cities off of our backs and also committed mass genocide when killing the original copper coloured Native Americans that were living there, took their land and then gave it away to other people who the land did not belong to. But now they want to say that we should forget about it, and that it's in the past but the only reason they say this is because they built everything through our slave labour so if they were to give everything that was actually owed to us back, then they would in fact have nothing.


A Bill has been passed in America, to 

commemorate the 400 year mark

of the Arrival of 'Africans' (Really Negroes) on the coasts of America which happened in the year 1619. The year 2019 will mark that time. The scriptures take about this in GENESIS 15:13. This bill shows that they know that they have had us in bondage for 400 years. This year they are also releasing a film called "The Final Year" and I don't think this is a coincidence considering that the Government put money into Hollywood for these movies. At the golden globes they had people wearing black which is usually to signify mourning, grief and the death of somebody, they know it's the beginning

of the end for this kingdom, and that a new one is rising.

Another agenda they were pushing was "Times Up". They said Times Up and wearing all black was for all the abuse against women in Hollywood, but as we know with the Elite the public agenda is never the true agenda. They know who we are and they are telling you this is the Final Year and Time is Up, because they are probably going to start ramping up their plans to bring in their new world order before the return of the messiah.

Genesis 15:13 King James Version (KJV)


13  And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years;

ID 2020

ID 2020 is a plan that was created by the elite in order to give everyone an ID and a number. Currently they estimate that there are 1.1 billion people without a recognized ID and are therefore invisible. However good this may sound they have a secret agenda behind this. If you are under this system you are under them, and will have to become part of their one world government and orginization which they are looking to bring in. Why do they need to know who you are and where you are ? Especially if you are an innocent person that is guilty of nothing.

They name some principles of ID 2020 which are

  1. Personal: Unique to you and you only

  2. Persistent: Lives with you from life to death

  3. Private: Only you can give permission to use data

  4. Portable: Accessible anywhere you happen to be

And I agree with number 3, however when do the government or police care about your permission when they're looking through you information. They can already access enough at the moment so what are they planning.

Also take a look at who is funding this operation - none other than the Rockerfeller Foundation, showing that there is nothing good that can come of this.

Have a look at the PDF and read their plans for the future and be prepared.

Papal bull : Romanus pontifex

In 1455, Pope Nicholas issued a Papal Bull which was called the Roman Pontifex which gave authroisation to the portugese king  to capture, vanquish, subdue and also take slaves of anybody whom they deemed to be "enemies of Christ. They also refered to non-christians as heathen.


Margaret Sanger, a RACIST EUGENICIST wanted nothing more than to exterminate the 'black race' or 'negroes'. She created planned parenthood and the centers were predominately built around the 'black' populous.It was said that this was to give women a way to control her body and whether she becomes a mother, however this is far from the truth because the reason why this was created was to control the population, and the fact that it is mostly in black neighborhoods should ring bells. The elite are out to get Israel and they are not holding punches back, so be careful.



Greenwood, Tulsa, Oaklahoma (also known as black wall street) was a city that was being run by Negroes after the Slave Trade. It was doing so well, it had 600 Businesses, 21 Churches, 21 Restaurants, 30 Grocery Stores, 2 Movie Theaters, 6 Private Airplanes, 1 Hospital, 1 Bank and it's own School System. However in 1921, envious 'whites' bombed the city from the air and also had mobs of people coming into the city to kill the 'Negroes' and to also destroy and utterly burn down their city.

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