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white supremAcist family scam people for 54k

Shalawam Mishpachah.

Recent events brouhgt the new of a Young boy named Keaton who had been bullied in school. A video was released of him crying about being bullied. The video gathered big social media views and attention off many celebrities, gaining the boy tickets to giggs and events and film primieres. The mother started a Go fund Me which raised 54k only for the truth to come to light that the Mother was a racist! And her son had been using racial slurs towards Black students and thats why he was being bullied.

The new information just brought to the forefront the Children of colour who commited suicide for bullying and not even raised half as much funds to help towards funeral costs. Until it was mentioned on social media. White privilege and Supremacy are still clear in 2017 and Injustice will be shown.

Crazy that an incident of school bullying raised more social relevance than the slave trade in Libiya. Truly the end times are upon us.

Psalm 58:3
3The wicked are estranged from the womb: they go astray as soon as they be born, speaking lies.
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