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Store our data in dna? ALTERED CARBON?


Recently you may have seen on social media the coverage of a TV series called altered carbon. The Producers made a massive impact on social media by having a stand at the Consumer Electronics Show where companies 'showcase' the latest technology soon available to the 'average consumer.' See videos and articles posted above. Many people took to the keyboard to air their opinion on what they believed to be real tech which is what many people and religions would class as immoral and against the MOST HIGH.

Given, The CES was a marketing scheme to get attention for the Show which still hasn't hit the major views they expected, their is truth hidden in plain sight! Many justice warriors came to the rescue to shed light that the stand at CES wasn't some real technology but just a marketing scheme for the tv series..... OR WAS IT.

Recent news this week has highlighted that Technology giant Microsoft have released knowledge that they are well in the works of being able to store data, like information about ourselves memories whether through videos or photos, on DNA! They also state that this technology could be rolled as soon as 10 Years time!

Wake up Family! Many events and and socially pushed information is used as a FALSE FLAG to keep us asleep and not in search of the truth. Like this although this was a marketing scheme it was used to desensitise the world to technology which is on the way and FAST!


Brother Jordan

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