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Shalawam Family,

We have recently traveled to Israel, our homeland and have come to the understanding that three times a year all the men of Israel must make a pilgrimage up to Zion for the feasts. The feasts are ; The feast of unleavened bread, The feast of weeks and The Feast of Tabernacles. Deuteronomy 16:16/ Exodus 34:23/ Exodus 23:14.

The real Jerusalem has been found, and it is as it was written, it is surrounded by mountains. It was also laid desolate! The current place the Jewish people are saying is Jerusalem is not, and you can see this by reading the scriptures and then cross referencing it with the actual places.

So it is of utmost importance that Israel returns to their homeland to seek the real Zion and the face of the most high. Then while you are there you will learn which place is the true Jerusalem and the real Mount Zion, and when you see it for yourself, then you can make the informed decision on where the most highs name is place.

The tabernacle of David has been found in a place called Tel Arad, in the south region of Israel and it is there you will discover the truth.

But don't forget to watch and pray, because the time of our messiah's return is closer than when we first believed !

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